Think of us as your restaurant’s
favorite farmers market.

Savor the intense sweetness of our popcorn shoots. Bite into a crisp baby white carrot. Surprise your tastes buds with a burst of Thai basil. Inhale the heady scents of mint and lavender. Yes, it’s all here spread out for you to sample: fresh, vibrant specialty produce—grown just for discriminating chefs like you.

If you could take a tour of our fields, you would see acres of hand–tended, exquisite specialty lettuces, herbs and vegetables. Our mission since 1986 has been simple: to supply upscale restaurants all over the country with the kind of produce that lives up to the imagination and artistry of professional chefs.

You may know us from our signature frisee, which has earned us bragging rights. Recognized as truly the best on the market, our frisee offers a bright, highly blanched appearance, which makes it stand out on the plate. Frisee makes everything around it look more vibrant. And it offers more than decorative contrast—it’s crisp, yet tender, and tangy.

For us, farming is a labor of love. We grow everything ourselves, ensuring the highest quality standards. We meticulously supervise each phase from planting, growing and harvesting, to processing, packaging and shipping.

From our baby lettuce heads to our arugula, from our microgreens to our edible flowers, from our baby vegetables to our herbs, all of our produce comes with a guarantee of superior quality, freshness and flavor.

We supply restaurants all over the United States with fresh–picked, beautiful and delicious premium greens that appeal to both the eye and the palate.

If you are a local restaurant, U.S.–based restaurant, or a distributor anywhere in North America, we invite you call us at (805) 483–9113 to place a sample order so you can taste and see the Scarborough Farms difference for yourself.

Scarborough Farms Farmers Market Locations

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